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We’ve made the Safety4Sea Awards shortlist! Now we need your vote, please!

July 11, 2023

Green Marine’s environmental certification program has made the shortlist of nominees for one of this year’s Safety4Sea Awards.

The prestigious awards recognize organizations within the maritime industry that demonstrate safety excellence and above-average performance that contribute to a more sustainable, attractive industry. Each recipient is determined by an open nomination process (with nominees reviewed by an expert panel), along with a public vote and expert panel review.

You can play a big role in supporting Green Marine’s chances at receiving a Safety4Sea this year. The decisions are made based 50% on the open voting online by the public, with the other 50% determined by a selected panel of experts whose members have a proven track record of contributing their knowledge and experience to the maritime industry.

Green Marine is on this year’s shortlist for the Safety4Sea Initiative Award along with:

  • Greywing Pte Ltd.
  • Hafnia
  • The Nautical Institute

They all deserve congratulations, but we’d like to win this one! Please cast your vote between now and September 8, 2023.

One of Green Marine’s strengths is always its collaborative approach, so let’s demonstrate this strength again by casting our votes. It literally takes only a few seconds.

Start by clicking this button:

  • Click on the Start box.
  • Click on the Green Marine logo.
  • Click on Continue to finalize your vote.

It’s that fast and simple. You don’t have to create a login profile.

Have you voted yet? If not, your support is a few clicks away.

Thank you in advance for helping us to make Green Marine’s environmental certification program known worldwide. It would be amazing to receive the Initiative award during the Safety4Sea’s virtual award ceremony on Oct. 18th, just days before Green Marine 16th anniversary on Oct. 23rd!