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Green Marine 2019 performance results indicate unwavering commitment to a broader range of priorities

June 16, 2020

Quebec City, QC, June 16, 2020 – The Green Marine environmental certification has been issued for a 12th consecutive year to a steadily larger group of participants throughout North America based on their documented 2019 efforts to improve sustainability in maritime transportation.

Each of these ship owners, port and Seaway authorities, terminal operators and shipyard managers voluntarily took actions beyond environmental regulations in the program’s applicable performance indicators. Their individual results for 2019 are published online as part of Green Marine’s annual performance results report indicating these efforts on a Level 1 (monitoring of environmental regulations) to Level 5 (excellence and leadership) scale of achievement.

“We’re pleased to see that the environmental performance of our participating membership keeps improving even while the number of participants, indicators and criteria have all significantly increased,” said David Bolduc, Green Marine’s executive director.

A total of 159 self-evaluation reports were filed for 2019 – a 10% increase over 2018 when 144 reports were received (with some participants filing separate reports for their varied divisions or activities). The program’s widening membership and scope resulted in participants individually reporting on 954 performance indicators in 2019 as compared to the only 147 initially related a decade earlier. “Yet a full 90% of participants now report a Level 2 or higher average compared to 83% for the 2018 results – clear evidence of overall steady progress,” Bolduc noted.

Ship owners showed the greatest improvement in terms of reducing underwater noise (an indicator added to the program in 2017) by moving up nine levels and one participant achieving Level 5. Terminals, ports and shipyards improved by 19 levels within the greenhouse gases performance indicator, primarily by establishing inventories to determine and subsequently reduce GHG emissions linked to their operations.

The program’s evolution has taken it from an initial six performance indicators to more than a dozen with the newest being ship recycling, which is set for optional reporting in 2021 and mandatory thereafter. A three-year strategic plan is currently under way to determine future priorities.

Green Marine currently has 31 transportation-related association members and 76 supporters from environmental NGOs, scientific and government organizations to call upon in reviewing and updating the program’s criteria. The program also facilities the participants finding out about the latest emerging technologies and sustainability expertise from the 95 partners that often assist them in obtaining the program’s higher levels.

“It’s great to see how the program is gaining worldwide recognition with the global Interferry association becoming its 30th Association member late last year,” added Bolduc. “I can’t wait to see where Green Marine goes next, especially with the recent licensing of the program’s framework to launch Green Marine Europe!”

Further news about Green Marine Europe as well as the complete annual performance results report is online and will be revised as necessary based on the result of any verifications delayed as a result of the need to prevent COVID-19’s spread.

View the PDF version of this news release.