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Green hydrogen facility to be located at Port of Belledune

August 18, 2022

The Belledune Port Authority has signed an agreement in principle to develop a green hydrogen production facility at the northern New Brunswick port. The agreement was reached with sustainable infrastructure developer Cross River Infrastructure Partners, which is developing next generation climate positive energy and food production initiatives.

Developing the green hydrogen facility aligns with the port authority’s goals to diversify port operations and develop a green energy hub to stimulate regional economic development.

The innovative facility at the Port of Belledune will not only contribute to the port's clean energy transition objectives, but also to those at the provincial, federal and even global level.

Cross River Infrastructure Partners ultimately opted for the port location for the project’s development based on the presence of a clean energy source and substantial distribution facilities.

The project will use 200 megawatts of guaranteed power to produce clean energy for export, with eventual plans to work towards meeting local and global energy needs.

If the various studies and the necessary permits are completed within the established timeframe, the hydrogen production plant will be operational by 2027.