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Georgia Ports Authority adds 55 hybrid yard cranes at the Port of Savannah

March 28, 2023

As part of the Ocean Terminal’s redevelopment into an all-container facility at the Port of Savannah, the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) has agreed to the $170-million purchase of 55 hybrid-engine rubber-tired gantry cranes to outfit the 200-acre (81-hectare) terminal site.

“These new machines will expand our capabilities, operate at lower cost and leave a smaller carbon footprint than conventional diesel cranes,” says Griff Lynch, GPA’s executive director.

Exclusively operating off electric battery power, the hybrid machines will cut emissions by half compared to conventional diesel cranes. By running diesel generators only to recharge the batteries, the new equipment with avoid nearly 7,000 tons of annual emissions across the 55-RTG fleet.

The new acquisitions will also mean less noise for the surrounding community. The gantry cranes will use special “whisper” movement alarms whose sound doesn’t travel a long distance, rather than conventional three-tone alarms.

By more efficiently using space by stacking containers so there are seven side-by-side and six high, the hybrid cranes will further reduce the fuel consumption (required for recharging the batteries) by 8,800 gallons (33,311 litres) of diesel per crane when compared to all-diesel machines.

The GPA plans to add eight new all-electric ship-to-shore cranes at the Ocean Terminal by 2026 to handle cargo from Neopanamax vessels.