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GCT invests in new ship-to-shore cranes at Vanterm Terminal

November 27, 2020

Two modern ship-to-shore cranes were delivered to Burrard Inlet’s Vancouver Harbour in end-November as GCT’s latest investment to advance capability at the Vanterm Terminal. The new equipment acquisitions is part of GCT’s plan to modernize and densify operations with considerable private sector investment.

Arriving from Shanghai, the electrically powered cranes will figure among the most state-of-the-art installations in North America. Using high-efficiency LED lighting, the cranes will reduce light pollution by limiting glare. They also blend well into the natural scenery with their cloud-white colour. The new cranes are much quieter, which will significantly contribute to minimizing noise pollution and nuisance.

The new cranes along with other upgrades will reduce equipment-related emissions at Vanterm Terminal by 55%.

Photo from GCT Newsletter, credit: Kyle Surovy