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GCT CANADA recognized for its innovation and sustainability leadership

September 21, 2016

GCT Canada received the Canada’s Clean50 Top 15 Projects Award for 2017 on September 20. Delta Management commended the company for its coordinated system to improve truck processing times at its GCT Deltaport and GCT Vanterm. Both container terminals are located in the Port of Vancouver.

GCT Canada was the first terminal operator in North America to introduce a truck reservation system voluntarily in 2004, setting the industry standard. Furthermore, the introduction of night gate operations in 2014 further reduced traffic congestion and emissions. As a result, it removed nearly 1,000 trucks during peak daytime hours.

GCT Global Container Terminals Inc. President and CEO, Stephen Edwards, wants the company to always pursue such a sustainable approach. “We are committed to improving our environmental standards through not only new innovations, but by growing our business without expanding our footprint. This is exactly what we have done by creating efficiency through our innovative truck processing.”

Reduced congestion and GHG emissions

Together, the implementation of truck reservations and night gate systems have successfully reduced congestion and associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. In 2014-15, GCT Canada cargo volume increased by 13.1%. Meanwhile, over the same period, GHG emissions decreased by 4.9%. GHG emissions were reduced by approximately 4,100 tCO2e, equivalent to taking 800 cars off the road.

The Clean50 Top 15 Projects Award recognizes the exemplary contributions of organizations, whose innovative projects can both inform and inspire others to further their efforts to mitigate climate change, to pursue clean and sustainable developments.