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GCT Canada announces completion of leading ship-to-rail discharge facility’s expansion

December 17, 2020

The final two tracks of the GTC Deltaport Intermodal Rail Yard Expansion Project have been laid at the Port of Vancouver. The completion of the project’s privately funded second stage was announced in December by GTC Canada with a $300-million price tag.

GTC Canada’s contribution to the project initially spearheaded by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority and the British Columbia government showcases the company’s commitment to increasing capacity within an existing footprint to minimize environmental and community impacts.

In addition to ensuring B.C.’s competitiveness in meeting projected carrier demand without adding to road congestion, the rail expansion improves safety, and decreases noise and greenhouse gases with new electric cantilever rail mounted gantry (CRMG) cranes. Light pollution will also be reduced with energy-efficient LED lighting.

GTC Deltaport’s rail handling capacity has increased by more than 50% as a result of the expansion, securing its position as North America’s premier ship-to-rail terminal.

Watch the project development video