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November 12, 2020

Thordon Bearings will fit the Tycho Brahe, one of the world’s most environmentally friendly vessels owned by ForSea Ferries, with its grease-free ThorPlas-Blue bearings.

ForSea Ferries placed the order after being satisfied with its initial purchase of a Thordon product that was installed on the bow doors of the sister ship, Aurora.

Delivered in 2016, both vessels have been converted into high-current battery-powered ferries, running on 100% battery power and saving about 23,000 tonnes of CO2, 13t of NOx and 5t of SOx annually.

Since the initial bearing installation in 2016, bow door reliability has improved and Aurora’s off-hire time has decreased. The ferry company was able to establish that Thordon’s Bearings mitigate the risk of pollution by significantly extending the life of the bow visor’s bearing, reducing maintenance requirements and the associated costs.

Photo from Thordon Bearings Facebook page