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Fishermen’s Finest honoured with Port of Seattle’s Sustainable Century Award

May 16, 2022

The Port of Seattle recognizes outstanding environmental accomplishments of customers, tenants, non-profits and partners with the Sustainable Century Awards, formerly known as the Environmental Excellence Awards. Award recipients demonstrate environmental leadership and are crucial partners in helping the Port achieve its environmental stewardship, sustainability, and equity goals. This year, the 2022 Maritime Award went to Fishermen’s Finest.

In 2021, Fishermen’s Finest (FFI) became the first commercial fishing fleet to both join Green Marine and achieve certification in the Green Marine environmental certification program for the maritime industry. FFI’s goal is to become a net-zero carbon fleet, building a new fishing vessel, the America’s Finest (262-foot), that reduces fuel consumption by 66 percent. FFI also invested in the first sale of King County urban forest carbon credits and represents the lowest carbon footprint of the Bering Sea Trawl Fleet.