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First shipment through Container Ship Service between HOPA Ports and Port of Montreal

June 11, 2021

300 containers avoided road transport by truck and were loaded on the M/V Sedna Desgagnés to be shipped on the St.Lawrence River from the Port of Hamilton to the Port of Montreal. This new new short sea shipping service was implemented by Hamilton Container Terminal  (HCT), in partnership with the Hamilton-Oshawa Port Authority (HOPA Ports), DesgagnésFederal Marine Terminals and the Port of Montreal, the four last participating Green Marine’s program.

This Great Lakes container service represents a new and innovative way to transport goods to and from Canada’s busiest market, with minimal environmental impact. ‘Short Sea Shipping’ implies container shipments city-to-city via the Great Lakes as a marine-highway alternative to road-based transportation, thus reducing the carbon footprint by 500% and avoiding road traffic. As more than 10,000 trucks are moving goods every day between those 2 Canadian ports, this new Container Ship Service should help build smarter, greener and more efficiently.

After this first delivery, more are planned for this year and the frequency of service should increase rapidly.