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Fednav's Federal Tyne receives Port of Prince Rupert's Green Wave award

May 11, 2018

The Federal Tyne enjoyed a special call on the Port of Prince Rupert in British Columbia on May 4 when it became the first vessel to qualify for the port’s Green Wave Program based on its efforts through the Green Marine environmental certification program.

The Green Wave Award spotlights ship owners that are significantly reducing the environmental footprint of their ship operations. The Fednav bulk carrier was recognized for its Level 3 performance within the Green Marine 1-to-5 tier program.

“We’re so pleased to recognize a vessel that is part of a program that also frames the sustainability of our port operations,” says Jason Scherr, the port’s manager of sustainability. “And to welcome a vessel with an A+ rating by RightShip.”

The Federal Tyne is also the first vessel to call upon the Port of Prince Rupert with underwater noise reduction technology as a result of the Green Marine program addressing this emerging issue.

The Green Wave Award was presented to the Federal Tyne’s vessel master by the Port of Prince Rupert. The port offered a copy of the Mariners Guide to Whales for Western Canada.