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Environment and climate change figure into Trans Mountain’s marine terminal expansion

July 13, 2021

Trans Mountain Corporation has released its inaugural Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report detailing key metrics and new initiatives towards greater sustainability as part of its commitment to continual improvement. The report includes the latest environmental performance results for its Westridge Marine Terminal that has been a participant in Green Marine since 2013.

Recent improvements include the installation of variable frequency drives (VFDs) at petroleum pump stations to match pumping rates with hydraulic requirements and lower electricity consumption. Plans for the terminal’s expansion from one to three berths at Burrard Inlet in British Columbia’s northwestern Lower Mainland include a design that ensures resilience in the event of sea level rise. Fiercer winter storms and other possible severe weather are being addressed through an investment in new weather prediction technology and the use of larger, more powerful escort tugs year-round.

Download the full report.