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DXP joins Green Marine's partners

March 8, 2019

DXP – Global is headquartered in Australia where DXP, a premium diesel fuel enhancer, is manufactured under a Boeing Airline Quality Assurance system in an ISO 9000:2001 certified facility. Each batch is laboratory tested within a National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) laboratory to ensure the highest quality product is delivered.

As an organic, ash-free, multifunctional compound, DXP has been engineered to provide optimal fuel efficiency and minimal combustion emissions. DXP reduces carbon footprint, increases engine power, lowers engine noise, decreases black smoke and, by maintaining a clean fuel system, lessens component wear and tear and optimizes fuel consumption. DXP increases fuel stability and ensures stored fuel quality by removing moisture. It also eliminates any biological growth in existing contaminated diesel fuel and will prevent all growth in uncontaminated fuels.