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Discover the solutions offered by our new partner, FINSULATE USA by Ocean Innov

January 16, 2024

Finsulate® offers an effective, non-toxic solution to prevent marine fouling on boats and stationary marine structures, such as wind turbines and oil rigs.

The Finsulate film consists of fine fibres that are so close together that it makes it difficult for marine organisms to get between them to adhere to a hull or other submerged surface. The product’s longevity provides at least five years free of hull sanding and painting. Any small amount of fouling that may happen over time is easily cleaned off with high-pressure washing. The film is environmentally friendlier than traditional anti-fouling paints.

Finsulate’s inventor, Rik Breur, who was inspired by the spines of a sea urchin, was named European Inventor of the Year in 2019 for his design. The design features a non-toxic adhesive that acts like a substrate for the fibres when a process called electrostatic flocking is used. This process allows the fibres to attach to the adhesive layer vertically, creating a surface very much like that of a sea urchin.

U.S. management for the Finsulate brand includes Bernard Hidier, who held several senior positions in multinational groups before following his heart into clean energy and the blue economy, and Sunshine Mechtenberg, an entrepreneur with multiple businesses in Maine and a consultant for sustainable and eco-friendly start-ups. They have partnered with the inventor, Rik Breur, and Marion Padioleau who has developed the market in France over the past five years, winning the RespectOcean 2022 Ocean Pitch Challenge in three categories.