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CSL’s 7th annual Sustainability Report

September 21, 2020

The CSL Group has issued its 2019 Sustainability Report. This seventh annual report notes significant environmental progress since the shipping enterprise began relating its sustainability efforts in a comprehensive document in 2013.

The latest report notes that Canada Steamship Lines and CSL International continue to be among the top-level participants in the Green Marine environmental certification program, achieving a dozen levels 4 and 5 (the highest Level of performance) for their 2019 certification.


  • Reduction by 3.8% its gCO2eq/tonne-min emissions for loaded voyages compared to 2018.
  • New research and development program in wind technology
  • Biofuels and fuel additives tests
  • Ambitious digital transformation strategy to optimize customer experience and improve efficiency and sustainability

All of CSL’s sustainability reports can be downloaded here.