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Construction of the Fairview-Ridley Connector Corridor reaches a milestone

May 5, 2020

The Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA) announced the 20% completion of the Fairview-Ridley Connector Corridor project at the end of April. The five-kilometre (3.1-mile) road between DP World’s Fairview Container Terminal and Ridley Island will eliminate container truck traffic through the community of Prince Rupert. The new direct road owned by the PRPA will also provide a platform for two new rail sidings.

An increase in local export transload operations had led to 50 to 200 trucks using Highway 16 through downtown Prince Rupert daily. When completed, the Fairview-Ridley Connector Corridor will facilitate a rerouting of all of these container trucks from local transload and customs facilities directly to the Fairview Container Terminal.

The Connector Corridor will reduce the haul distance from Ridley Island to Fairview Terminal to five kilometres (3.1 miles) from 20 kilometres (12.4 miles). In addition to easing traffic congestion, the project will improve vehicle and pedestrian safety, reduce wear on provincial and municipal road infrastructure, and significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions through the more efficient routing.

Additional rail capacity will be developed along the Connector Corridor as intermodal volumes require it, ensuring that DP World’s Fairview Container Terminal and other terminals within the inner harbour have sufficient rail capacity to support their current and expanding operations.