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Carver Companies sign up two more terminals and its shipyard operations with Green Marine

October 28, 2022

Coeymans, NY – Carver Companies, a leading logistics, heavy construction and civil engineering conglomerate in New York State, is seeking multisectoral certification from Green Marine, the leading voluntary environmental certification program for North America’s maritime industry.

The company’s maritime division is comprised of five marine terminals, a fleet of tugs and barges, as well as a shipyard/repair facility. One of the company’s terminals, Patriot Stevedoring, has been Green Marine certified since 2021. Carver is now including two additional terminal locations into the environmental certification program. They are Port of Coeymans Marine Terminal and Carver Maritime Charleston. Carver Marine Steel Works, a full-service vessel shipyard and repair facility, located at the Port of Coeymans, is also becoming a Green Marine participant.

“At Carver Companies, we strive to establish a workplace culture that encourages everyone to conduct operations in a way that is protective of the environment,” Carver Laraway, Carver Companies’ President, said. “We firmly believe that Green Marine’s program will serve us well as a guiding framework within our maritime division to go beyond regulatory compliance and achieve the highest environmental standards.”

Green Marine's President David Bolduc welcomed Carver Companies’ additional assets to the program. “The inclusion of these two terminals and the shipyard reflects Carver’s commitment to sustainable operations throughout its maritime division,” Bolduc said. “The company will benchmark the environmental progress of these enterprises along with 60 other U.S. and Canadian terminals and a quickly increasing number of shipyards.”

To achieve Green Marine certification, Carver Companies will assess the performance of the terminals and shipyard based on key performance indicators that address such issues as greenhouse gases and air pollutants, spill prevention and stormwater management, community impacts, and waste management. The certification process is rigorous and transparent, with results independently verified every two years, and each participant's individual performance made public annually.

About Carver Companies

For more than 30 years, Carver Companies’ fundamental belief has been to provide unparalleled service while maintaining values of honesty and integrity both on land and water. Carver Companies take pride in providing superior logistical services and products to customers, partners and tenants. Prioritizing a diverse, well-rounded management team and workforce to always perform at the highest levels of safety and professionalism, Carver Companies have set a long-term vision of growth that aims to transform the ways in which customers respond to challenges.

Port of Coeymans Marine Terminal is located on New York's premier industrial waterfront property. It is equipped to handle the modularization of power plants and bridges, as well as handle shipments related to small-scale manufacturing, marine construction, aggregates, and disaster recovery projects.

Carver Maritime Charleston is a strategically located port known along the entire East Coast for its shipping and warehouse storage operations. The terminal benefits from a deep-water pier for loading and offloading ships and barges and provides more than half-a-million square feet (46,542 square metres) of warehousing space.

Carver Marine Steel Works is a full-service vessel shipyard and repair facility. Located at the Port of Coeymans, it is conveniently situated on the Hudson River just south of Albany, New York. Equipped with a Marine Travelift, the shipyard has the capability of hauling vessels up to 820 metric tons and 60 feet (18.2 metres) in beam.

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