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Canadian Whale Institute shares resources to help protect right whales

April 19, 2023

With the return of the North Atlantic right whales to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the Canadian Whale Institute has posted the 2023 Cabot Strait Voluntary Slowdown information on its website, along with links to two helpful resources.

The free interactive WhaleMap is designed to communicate the latest whale survey results to scientific researchers, regulatory agencies, and the industrial sector to inform more effective and dynamic planning of research and conservation activities.

WhaleALERT is a free app designed to augment a vessel’s existing navigational tools. It works to inform mariners of the most current information and safest strategies to reduce the risks of ship and whale collisions. WhaleALERT 2.0 includes data on Canadian, U.S., and other Pacific waters.

This year’s seasonal slowdowns in Cabot Strait will be from April 19th to June 27th and from September 27th to November 15th.