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Canadian West Coast ports integrate global rating system to incentivize efficiency

January 27, 2014

Two Canadian port authorities – both West Coast members of Green Marine – have become the first in the world to offer discounted harbour dues to the most energy-efficient oceangoing vessels as determined by the ‘A-to-G’ Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission rating.

Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) and the Prince Rupert Port Authority are each using the rating system developed by the Carbon War Room and the maritime risk experts at RightShip. The system is available through shippingefficiency.org and contains GHG emission data for more than 70,000 existing vessels. ‘A’ ratings indicate the most efficient ships, while ‘G’ signifies the biggest emitters.

The A-to-G ratings incorporate detailed calculations based on the Existing Vessel Design Index (EVDI). The most efficient vessels entering Canada’s two largest West Coast ports are rewarded for minimizing their GHG based on this or other widely recognized methods of measurement.

PMV has been granting discounts on harbour fees since 2010 when it launched the Blue Circle Awards as part of its EcoAction program. Blue Circle Awards recognize oceangoing vessels that have significantly decreased their emissions. PMV expanded its program last year to enable vessels with A, B or C rankings to qualify for either Gold or Silver level discounts within the EcoAction program.

PMV awarded $1.1 million in discounts on port dues in 2013, representing about 10 per cent of deep-sea harbour fees.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority established its incentive program last year using the Environmental Ship Index as qualification criteria. On January 1, 2014, the port launched its Green Wave environmental stewardship program. It provides additional methods for ‘clean ships’ to qualify for discounted harbour dues. Green Marine’s standards, as well as the A-to-G rating system, are among a number of qualification criteria now recognized by the program.

The port anticipates granting $100,000 in discounts this year, which represents close to 10 per cent of its annual harbour dues.