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Canadian Pond joins Green Marine’s partners

September 28, 2018

A Canadian leader in water management and treatment, CanadianPond.ca sells an array of specialized products to aerate, de-ice, noise-insulate or improve water in terms of its quality. For example, BubbleTubing® (a fine bubble linear diffuser) and the CanadianAirTM system are two options for aeration, with OctoAirTM likewise available for industrial-scale projects. ThawLineTM de-ices water or water-based systems, while BacteriusTM consists of bioaugmentation and water treatments to improve water quality as naturally as possible. Each of these innovative and certified products offer marine companies reliable, effective and environmentally friendly solutions to protect wildlife, prevent debris infiltration, contain spills and leaks, or reduce the noise from underwater work. They can also reduce the accumulation of organic sediment, thereby decreasing the need for dredging.