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Bunge and its Environmental Monitoring System

October 15, 2010

Green Marine is pleased to spotlight the environmental initiatives undertaken by Bunge of Canada, a grain terminal located in the Port of Quebec. Since 2007, Bunge has been using a new environmental monitoring system, which is essentially a database that allows the company to concretely identify and track all of its environmental tasks – from renewing permits, to obtaining maintenance records for its anti-dust equipment, to determining which dust-prone sectors need to be cleaned. The system also maintains an archive of such data, and this has proven to be a very useful tool for environmental audits and for providing a historical overview. Moreover, the system requires each of thirty environmental issues to be annotated on a regular basis, which helps to ensure monthly follow-up of such issues. In 2008, as part of its sustainable development efforts, the terminal also implemented a training program for its employees on the environment, health, and controlling infestations.