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BlueSeeds becomes a partner of Green Marine Europe and Green Marine

January 11, 2024

BlueSeeds supports marine conservation projects, from protected area managers to coastal communities, to achieve financial and managerial autonomy. In this way, we help them maximize their actions' positive impact to preserve the environment over the long term. Feasibility and impact studies, identification of sustainable financing solutions, and the creation of innovative conservation financing mechanisms are all tools at our disposal.  

To diversify the income channeled into conservation and to get the private sector more involved in this approach, BlueSeeds is also carrying out R&D activities and exploring the feasibility of setting up blue carbon projects aimed at financing, on the voluntary market, the safeguarding of marine ecosystems in danger of disappearing. Finally, BlueSeeds is working on creating mixed-fund endowment funds for pre-finance sustainable projects by artisanal fishermen and blue microentrepreneurs.