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Belledune Port Authority relates green initiatives in its latest annual report

June 9, 2022

The Belledune Port Authority’s newly released 2021 Annual Report includes its sustainability initiatives, including its search for clean energy projects.

Clean energy projects are part of the port authority’s long-term vision for a green economic transition in the region. The search is already well under way with key stakeholders mobilized to create this green energy hub, according to the report.

A respectful, collaborative relationship with the Pabineau First Nation and the Eel River Bar First Nation respectively continues to be prioritized. The Belledune Port Authority has committed to working with each of these First Nations on decommissioning the Brunswick Smelter adjacent to the port’s harbour.

First Nations fishers have been consulted regarding habitat compensation for the harbour expansion and Terminal 3 and 4 upgrades.

Underwater noise from harbour operations was also prioritized in 2021, with the port authority undertaking a voluntary study to learn more about the emitted noise and its impact on marine wildlife to assess risk and identify improvements. Underwater noise is among the performance indicators of the Green Marine environmental certification program.

See the full report: https://portbelledune.ca/annual-report-2021/