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Bella Desgagnés recycling rate surpasses 80%

July 18, 2016

The Bella Desgagnés vessel has obtained a Certificate of Performance level 3, Silver Honours within Recyc-Quebec « ICI ON RECYCLE !» program. The purpose of this program is to ensure that waste management efforts made by corporations are acknowledged. The Silver Honours certificate means that the Bella Desgagnés attained a global rate of reclamation of generated residual materials of 80% to 89%.

This certificate accords perfectly with Relais Nordik’s, one of Groupe Desgagnés’s subsidiaries, mission of offering services aboard the Bella Desgagnés which respect the environment as well as promoting sustainable tourism activities. Relais Nordik provides the maritime transport service for passengers and supplies to the Anticosti Island and Lower North Shore. Its mission goes well beyond its usual service since its vessel, the Bella Desgagnés, brings supplies to the remote villages.