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BC Ferries orders 6th LNG-fueled vessel

February 12, 2020

British Columbia Ferry Services Inc.’s newly ordered Salish Class ferry is part of its Clean Futures Plan that aims to replace diesel fuels with cleaner energy options, including liquefied natural gas (LNG). The vessel will be constructed at the Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. in Gdansk, Poland, and be identical to the three Salish Class vessels built there for BC Ferries in 2016. It is scheduled to go into service in the Southern Gulf Islands in 2022.

At 107-metre (351-foot), the Salish Class vessel will be able to carry at least 138 vehicles and up to 600 passengers and crew. It will allow for the retirement of the diesel-fueled Mayne Queen.

The Salish Class features a number of efficiency improvements of benefit to the environment:

  • The use of natural gas as the primary fuel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 15% to 25%, SOx by more than 85%, NOx by more than 50%, and almost eliminates particulate matter.
  • Electric propulsion eliminates gear boxes and shaft requirements.
  • Twin propellers reduce cavitation.
  • An innovative hull design minimizes wake.
  • The advanced hull coating reduces flow disturbance and environmental leaching.
  • Its engine management system reduces machinery running.
  • The resilient engine mount isolates structure-borne noise.

The three other Salish Class ferries – the Salish Orca, Salish Raven and Salish Eagle – entered service in 2017.