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BC Ferries among the Prince Rupert Port Authority’s Green Wave winners

December 16, 2019

The Prince Rupert Port Authority (PRPA) announced that British Columbia Ferry Services achieved the highest level of environmental performance and participation in 2018 under the port’s Green Wave vessel incentive program alongside COSCO, Maersk, and Yang Ming. These companies had the greatest participation in the Green Wave program.

BC Ferries qualifies for PRPA’s program through their many efforts to reduce air emissions and underwater noise, including their performance in the Green Marine certification program, which is one of the environmental program recognized by the port to qualify. For example, at Tier 1, the Green Wave requires a ship owner to reach Level 3 in Green Marine’s GHG performance indicator and at minimum a Level 2 in all other indicators. BC Ferries’ performance in the Green Marine program surpasses these requirements.

Introduced in 2013 to encourage shippers to voluntarily invest in sustainable practices, the Prince Rupert Port Authority’s Green Wave program offers discounted harbour dues to commercial vessels that implement air emission and underwater noise reduction measures. Using a three-tiered criteria system, vessels are scored based on their level of achievement in a recognized environmental program or for technological advancement. Participation in the program is entirely voluntary.

The Green Wave program contributes to two of PRPA’s environmental priorities: reducing air and carbon emissions related to port activities, and reducing the impact of maritime shipping on marine mammals along British Columbia’s north coast – in part through noise reduction measures.

Artwork name: Ha̱ts’a̱l. Ha̱ts’a̱l is the Sm’algya̱x word for octopus, or devilfish – a creature that is very well respected amongst the Tsimshian people. About the artist: Kelli Clifton was born and raised in Prince Rupert, BC.