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Atlantic Towing selects Vard Electro for PSV battery hybrid conversion

July 13, 2021

Atlantic Towing, a J.D. Irving Group company, has chosen Vard Electro (a Green Marine Partner) to help install aa hybrid battery system into its 2017-built PSV Atlantic Shrike with a diesel-electric propulsion.

Vard Electro is contracted to provide a containerized SeaQ Energy Storage System (ESS) to supply hybrid battery power with the hybrid system’s control and monitoring still handled with the existing SeaQ energy management system aboard.

Major fuel savings and thereby emission reductions are expected by having the batteries absorb and redistribute power during load fluctuations for optimum engine performance. Unused energy is stored for later use. The batteries also provide greater safety with their emergency power backup. Up to 99% of the SeaQ ESS batteries are designed to be recycling with the rest being repurposed for other industries.

Atlantic Towing is undertaking the project with the financial assistance of the Petroleum Research Newfoundland & Labrador (PRNL) which is part of the offshore research, development and demonstration program of the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF).