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Arcosa Marine Products joins Green Marine

August 1, 2022

Dallas, TX, – Arcosa Marine Products, a leading manufacturer of barges used to transport cargo on U.S. inland waterways, is the newest participant in Green Marine – the largest voluntary environmental certification program for North America’s maritime industry.

Part of Dallas based Arcosa, Inc., Arcosa Marine Products manufactures dry cargo barges, including flat-deck and hopper barges for the transport of a range of products that include grain, coal, and aggregates. The company also manufactures tank barges that carry petroleum, fertilizer, ethanol, chemicals, and other liquid cargos. Additionally, Arcosa is the largest U.S. manufacturer of fiberglass hopper barge covers and a leading winch and deck hardware solutions provider for the marine industry.

“Sustainable development is a fundamental value at Arcosa Marine,” stated Bryson Person, Arcosa Marine Product’s Vice President of Operations. “We believe we can create long-term value by fostering an Environmental, Social, and Governance driven culture, and joining Green Marine’s rigorous and transparent environmental initiative complements the sustainable development approach we have adopted.”

David Bolduc, Green Marine’s President, welcomed the participation of Arcosa Marine Products. “We’re so pleased to have Arcosa within the program’s growing rank of shipyard membership,” he said. “As the first shipyards in Tennessee and Missouri to join the program, Arcosa Marine Products is setting the example for the other shipyards in its region by benchmarking its environmental progress along with more than 70 other U.S. and Canadian terminals and shipyards.”

To complete Green Marine’s certification, both Arcosa shipyards, one in Ashland City, TN and the other in Caruthersville, MO, will assess their environmental performance based on the program’s applicable indicators, which address air pollutants and greenhouse gases, spill prevention, waste management, community impacts, and environmental leadership. The annual certification process is rigorous and transparent, with the individual performance of each participant independently verified every two years.

About Arcosa Marine Products

Arcosa Marine Products, a wholly owned subsidiary of Arcosa, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of barges used to transport cargo on U.S. inland waterways. With a proven ability to deliver products at a rate the industry demands, Arcosa Marine serves a diverse range of customers that handle dry, liquid and other bulk commodities, as well as containerized goods. The company focuses on safety and fostering a culture that favours taking actions for environmental protection now to establish long-term global value that will benefit future generations. Arcosa Marine is committed to building a better world.

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