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Another world first for Desgagnés in sustainable transport

April 17, 2018

Groupe Desgagnés today christened the M/T Mia Desgagnés, the first polar-class dual-fuel product/chemical tanker ever built. « Desgagnés is proud to have achieved another world first in only a few short months, » declared Louis-Marie Beaulieu, Desgagnés’ president and CEO, in also referencing last May’s naming of the M/T Damia Desgagnés, the very first dual-fuel asphalt-bitumen-chemical tanker.

Desgagnés encountered many challenges to achieve these world firsts: integrating numerous innovations and new technologies into the operations of these vessels; developing a maritime LNG distribution network that had previously been almost non-existent; creating brand-new training and certification programs; and, training a new class of qualified, certified sailors.

« Exceptional contributions and collaboration by our various business partners, including Energir, the Montreal Port Authority, and Transport Canada, allowed us to meet the challenges of this innovative project, » Mr. Beaulieu noted.

The Mia Desgagnés represents an investment upwards of $50 million, including nearly $9 million for the dual-fuel/liquefied natural gas (LNG) motorization.

What sets the tanker apart is its capability to run on three different types of fuel, including LNG, which has undeniable environmental advantages – one of them being the substantial reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Its nearly 15,000 deadweight ton capacity and 17,000 cubic metres of tank space make the vessel ideal for transporting petroleum products or chemicals. This next-generation, state-of-the-art ship was built at the Besiktas Shipyard in Turkey using an original concept and specifications developed by Desgagnés to optimize safety, environmental performance and operational efficiency. The ship’s double hull and Polar 7 certification also guarantee her ability to navigate in ice.