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An innovative ballast water solution to be installed on Fednav’s new builts

April 15, 2015

Fednav Limited ordered 12 ballast water treatment systems to equip its ships currently under construction. This makes Fednav the first shipping company in Canada and the Great Lakes to announce the installation of ballast water treatment systems, well before the regulatory requirement.
Developed by JFE Engineering Corporation, Japan, the BallastAce system will be installed on Fednav’s new lakers and will be effective in both fresh and salt water. BallastAce operates through a sophisticated filter and sodium hypochlorite injection mechanism in the ship’s ballast system.
Fednav chose this solution after years of testing. From the Federal Yukon (copper ions) to the Federal Welland (electrodialytic disinfectant) to the Federal Venture (chlorination), the company has spent millions of dollars over many years to find a reliable, effective, and economical solution to the environmental problems caused by aquatic invasive species.
The first system will be installed in the Federal Biscay, to be delivered in October 2015. Consequently, Fednav may well be able to introduce BallastAce to the Great Lakes at the opening of the Saint Lawrence Seaway in 2016.

Federal Baltic at the Oshima Shipyard before its delivery on May 07, 2015