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Ambitious GHG-reduction targets set by Port Saint John

March 21, 2024

Port Saint John recently launched its corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) targets and commitments to frame its efforts to reduce climate change. With the overall goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050, Port Saint John is ambitiously seeking to reduce its Scope 1 and 2 emissions (those for which the port is directly responsible) by 60% by 2030 and to attain carbon neutrality in this realm by 2040.

The port already maintains a carbon neutral electricity footprint by obtaining Renewable Energy Certificates from a local New Brunswick wind farm through Saint John Energy. Other efforts include converting the port’s fleet of vehicles to low-emission options. This process has already started with the purchase of a fully electric box van. The fleet also has both regular and plug-in hybrids.

To accommodate the anticipated increase in electric vehicles within this fleet and driven by staff, Port Saint John has installed four electric vehicle chargers with six connectors. To encourage staff members to consider purchasing an electric vehicle, these charging outlets are currently provided free of charge.

Port Saint John is also working to reduce indirect Scope 3 emissions through programs such as the Environmental Ship Index. The port offers a rebate on vessel tariff fees if a visiting ship has a score of 25 of higher on this globally accepted index that rates zero as being poor environmental performance and 100 as being excellent.

The port’s other initiatives include green leases, improved lighting, waste reduction and habitat conservation with its goals detailed in its latest Port Saint John Sustainability Report.