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Algoma’s 10th Equinox vessel is set for Great Lakes–Seaway trading

June 2, 2021

The Capt. Henry Jackman dry-bulk carrier – the 10th and most efficient Equinox Class vessel  delivered to Algoma Central Corporation last April – is now ready to trade in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway. With its Thordon Bearings (a Green Marine partner)  water-lubricated shaft arrangement, the state-of-the-art vessel is the 38th Algoma vessel to use Thordon’s zero-pollution bearings. By using water as lubricator, it eliminates the possibility of oil, usually used for bearing lubrication, leaking into the river system.

Thordon Bearings and Algoma Central have relied on a collaborative approach that has resulted in the evolution of Thordon’s seal and bearing products, including the COMPAC and SXL bearings. Supplying water-lubricated propeller shaft bearings to Great Lakes operators since 1999, Thordon also converted Algoma’s bulker Peter R. Cresswell in 2010, the John D. Leitch self-discharging bulk carrier in 2013, the Algoma Equinox, which is the first-ever Equinox Class gearless bulker, in 2012, and the Tim S. Dool bulk carrier in 2019.

The Capt. Henry Jackson is Algoma’s fifth Equinox Class of gearless bulkers to enter service and includes a COMPAC water lubricated stern tube bearing and ThorShield anti- corrosion coating for the tail shaft, the company’s new Bearing Condition Monitoring (BCMv2) system, as well as Thordon Water Quality Package.