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Algoma Intrepid in route for Canada

October 13, 2020

Algoma Central Corporation has taken delivery of the Algoma Intrepid, the second Equinox 650’ Class self-unloading dry-bulk carrier, and the ship has begun her voyage to Canada from the 3 Maj Shipyard in Croatia. The vessel, the ninth Equinox Class vessel to join the fleet, will journey across the Atlantic to Canada where she is expected to begin trading on the Great Lakes in November.

The Algoma Intrepid is the sister ship to the Algoma Innovator, which entered service in early 2018 as the newest and most efficient river class vessel to enter the Great Lakes market in almost 40 years.

The Algoma Intrepid features all the Algoma’s Equinox Class technologies to optimize fuel efficiency and operating performance, thus minimizing environmental impact. A 45% improvement in energy efficiency has been achieved compared to older vessels. The Algoma’s Equinox fleet is also the first class of Great Lakes vessels to include a fully integrated IMO-approved exhaust gas scrubber that has been certified to remove 97% of all sulphur oxides from shipboard emissions.