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AIVP launches its new course program on the city-port ecosystem

June 29, 2022

The Worlwide Network of Port Cities (AIVP) is launching the inaugural edition of its new distance learning program on sustainable port cities that begins this fall.

Established in collaboration with the International Institute of Ports Cities (IIPC), which specializes in teaching/training about port cities, this new program enables AIVP to reinforce the support it gives to port cities in terms of their development. The new courses are presented as a practical tool for decision-makers to encourage the city-[ort dialogue, by aligning the search for economic and environmental performance with a citizenry’s well-being and aspirations.

Taught by AIVP practitioners and experts, the set of five distance-learning courses relate inter- and trans-disciplinary knowledge and include practical case studies from different geographical areas, field observations, and case studies.

The initial course serves at a foundation by dealing with the governance of port cities. The subsequent courses address the sustainable economy of port cities, their urban and natural environments, their identities, cultures and heritages.

The IIPC has assumed responsibility for evaluating the knowledge of those who complete the courses and issuing a certificate to these successful trainees. 

Registration is now open to sign up for all of the program’s courses, or the initial two offerings on a trial basis.