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Accelleron introduces the X300-L series, a new generation of turbochargers

June 12, 2023

The next generation of low-speed turbocharging is being launched by Accelleron with its X300-L series adapted for the new era of multiple fuels and increasing cost pressures in shipping.

More compact with greater power density, the ACCX300-L low-speed turbocharger has a platform-based design that lets two-stroke engine users respond quickly and cost effectively to evolving demands that include reducing engine fuel consumption on the way to decarbonization.

Fully integrated with Accelleron’s Turbo Insight, the X300-L gives operators the ability to identify performance improvement opportunities, including when regular servicing ahead of schedule and/or exposure-based maintenance might be wise to do.  

The X300-L’s improved serviceability has unhitched turbocharger overhauls from dry-docking schedules. With port exchanges, the entire operating time between overhauls will be used. Over a vessel’s 25-year life, the new turbochargers can be overhauled during only three scheduled services instead of four, reducing operating costs.

The first X300-L turbochargers are expected to be delivered by the end of 2025.

Find out more about the X300-L series.