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ABB Turbocharging improves bulk carrier and tanker engine performance

March 31, 2021

Imminent carbon-cutting requirements have ABB Turbocharging developing a number of products and upgrade options to improve engine efficiency and meet ambitions CO2 targets. ABB Turbocharging has already looked at the whole engine setup of one customer’s tanker and identified ways to optimize the engine’s performance to achieve new power demands, improve fuel use and reduce emissions.

The new products and company’s expertise will help bulk carriers and tankers to meet the imminent IMO Energy Efficiency Index for Existing Ships (EEXI), as well as the still to be defined Carbon Intensity Index (CII). These vessel types face the biggest challenge in meeting the new carbon regulations that come into effect in 2023 because of their sustained travel speed.

Engine improvements along with a new propeller design and components facilitated the customer achieving a 20% NOx reduction, 3% less CO2 emissions to stay IMO complaint while satisfying Tier I engine regulations.

ABB Turbocharging is also focused on developing engines and components to support the maritime industry’s shift to low- or zero-carbon alternative fuels.

Image from The Maritime Executive