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ABB is set to turbocharge the engines of a number of global LNG carriers

October 14, 2021

Six new LNG carriers will have ABB’s A200-L turbochargers used for their engines. The carriers have been ordered by four large international ship owners under a long-term agreement with Shell.

ABB’s turbochargers will be used in the ME-GA, which is MAN’s first low-pressure, dual-fuel two-stroke engine. The engine offers LNG carriers and other vessels an alternative way to reduce air pollution, including greenhouse gas emissions, at a lower capital cost. The gas-fueled engine can operate on synthetic or biomass-derived LNG as available for either blended or full use to further reduce climate impacts.

The A100/A200-L series is ABB’s most advanced single-stage turbocharger technology for two-stroke engines, using the latest thermodynamic and aerodynamic technology to achieve the highest-pressure ratios and efficiency currently available in a compact unit. Such turbocharger performance is essential to dual-fuel engines to ensure a high air-fuel ratio is maintained during high-load operations, reducing overly quick combustion that could adversely affect operations and create unnecessary emissions.

ABB will also provide turbochargers for each vessel’s auxiliary engines.