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A world-first in emissions monitoring at Port Fourchon

August 10, 2022

Louisiana’s southernmost port will be the first in the world to have a precise 360° view of its emissions as a result of a partnership between the Greater Lafourche Port Commission (GLPC) and SailPlan to deploy emissions measurement technology throughout Port Fourchon.

“We’re really excited to partner with SailPlan to get a full view of the port’s emissions footprint using its innovative technology,” says GLPC’s Executive Director Chett Chiasson.

GLPC’s initiative with SailPlan is an example of its commitment to Port Fourchon being a progressive port that follows the lead established by its many tenants and users.

“In all honesty, many of our tenants and users have already demonstrated a desire to work hard in this sector, having implemented changes such as shore power initiatives and cleaner burning fueled vessels that reflect a more environmentally conscious approach to how they operate their companies,” Chiasson notes.

GLPC prides itself on working to carry out Louisiana’s Climate Action Plan as part of its efforts to protect and enhance the environment as Port Fourchon fulfils its essential role in providing energy throughout the United States.

Upon the new technology’s full rollout, the port’s direct and indirect emissions and air quality data will be measured and related in real-time. By understanding the exact location and source of emissions, GLPC will be able to identify areas of concern and take further steps to mitigate emissions through decarbonization strategies, such as working to expand the plug-in power capabilities of vessels that regularly call on the port.

In addition to having sensors to measure overall port emissions, the GLPC partnership with SailPlan will ultimately involve the installation of sensors to monitor the emissions from individual terminals, as well as the exposure of port emissions to nearby residents. If the air quality becomes unhealthy for the local community, the port will promptly receive an alert from the system and recommendations for immediate action to remedy the situation.