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A VapCor distributed product receives ClassNK’s Innovation Endorsement

June 15, 2022

The performance of VapCor’s distributed INNOSPEC's Octamar™ marine fuel additive has been recognized by ClassNK. The ship classification society awarded the range of this product with its prestigious Innovation Endorsement for reducing vessel fuel consumption and the related emissions.

By providing North American ship owners with this fuel stabilizer and combustion enhancer endorsed ClassNK, VapCor is proudly contributing to the reduction of ship emissions and their progress toward decarbonization.

INNOSPEC's Octamar™ technology was tested independently by ClassNK which has verified that treating residual fuels with Octamar™ combustion catalysts can achieve an average fuel economy improvement of 2.7% and a 60% reduction in particulate matter emissions, including black smoke, carbon, and other harmful substances.

Innospec also supplies combustion additives that raise the cetane value of MGO and B100, thereby promoting a more complete combustion at lower temperatures and reducing emissions. 

VapCor Also supplied hydraulic fluids that are water-soluble (with no sheen), biodegradable, have low aqua-toxicity and are non flammable.