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A new partner: welcome TraceSafe

September 20, 2022

TraceSafe offers Internet of Things (IoT) solutions through invisible online infrastructure and behind-the-scenes services that make today’s electronic devices work seamlessly together to provide clearer required insights in areas such as progressive decarbonization. The company is transforming large-scale industrial and enterprise operations with unique wearables, industrial-grade sensors and its award-winning analytics platform. The company’s hardware solutions, powered by advanced low-power Bluetooth beacons, work together with its proprietary software to provide mission-critical data for an enterprise to achieve more secure, efficient and sustainable environments. With a presence across North America, Asia and Europe, TraceSafe’s solutions are trusted by leading organizations in health care, hospitality, construction, events organization, government, and education. The company recently announced a strategic focus on managed decarbonization to help organizations take credible climate action using high-quality offsets. To this end, TraceSafe acquired an offset marketplace and launched its full suite of intelligent carbon management solutions that include ShiftCarbon (www.shiftcarbon.io).