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A new partner providing stormwater treatment technologies: Imbrium Systems

May 15, 2023

Imbrium Systems is a leading provider of stormwater treatment technologies in Canada, with a portfolio of products that includes oil-grit separators (Stormceptors), membrane filtration systems (Jellyfish Filters), and biofiltration systems (Filterra).

The company’s technologies have been used on thousands of commercial, industrial, and residential sites to protect downstream water bodies from contamination by pollutants such as suspended solids, trash and debris, nutrients, metals or hydrocarbons.

Imbrium works with engineering consultants on each project to ensure compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements. All Imbrium's technologies are field-proven and third-party verified in accordance with the ISO 14034 Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) protocols.

The products are distributed through a network of licensed precast concrete manufacturing partners, including Langley Concrete (British Columbia), Lafarge (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba), Rinker Materials (Ontario), Lécuyer (Quebec), and Strescon (the Maritimes).