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A new partner: MarineLabs, for marine safety and climate-resilient coastlines

June 28, 2023

MarineLabs provides coastal intelligence with high-resolution data to innovatively advance marine safety and build climate-resilient coastlines. Based in British Columbia, MarineLabs can provide high-resolution camera, wind, wave and weather data, as well as AI-driven insights from fleets of cloud-connected, rugged instruments, in real time.

The company’s subscription service provides real-time hyper-localized wind and wave information to help ports and vessel pilots optimize their operations. Long-term data insights help communities to prepare and adapt for coastal flooding and other hazards due to sea level rise and weather volatility arising from climate change.

MarineLab’s data assists coastal engineers in assessing wave and wake conditions on planned marine infrastructure. Its long-term data reports help with forecast validation, by comparing actual data to predictions, enabling modelers improve models and adding to overall coastline data.