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Green Marine welcomes Ship 2 Shore Inc. as partner member

July 21, 2020

Ship 2 Shore Inc. manufactures and distributes corrosion preventive coatings. The corporation has its head office in Burnaby, British Columbia, with all of its products manufactured at an ISO 9001 certified facility in Hamilton, Ontario. The expanding line of products include anti-corrosion tape, 5-in-1 anti-corrosion wipes and spray, a void and rudder float coat, as well as rust-proofing for the bridge, undercarriage, anchor chain, and wire cable.

Purchasing the successful formula in 2016, the current owners have become international distributors with an expanding line of corrosion preventive wet-film products as the company continues to focus on further R&D to provide environmentally friendly, easy-to-use, cost-effective and long-lasting solutions.

Ship 2 Shore’s products are Class 3 flammable with no special precautions required because they contain only a small amount of solvent. A Bioassay study also found the products to be non-toxic to fish in low concentrations. The low toxicity and minimal volatile organic compounds make the products a top choice by numerous ship builders and owners for use in confined spaces.

Water discharged from the Float Coat and Anchor Chain Anti-Corrosion Coating meets Canada’s and B.C.’s Marine Water Quality Guidelines for Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Metals. It also meets the California Environmental Protection Agency Ocean Marine Water Quality Objectives.