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A new association member: North Atlantic Ports Association Inc.

December 8, 2017

The North Atlantic Ports Association Inc. was founded in New York City by a group of port and terminal operators meeting at the Biltmore Hotel on March 4, 1949. The association was created to discuss common issues among seaports and that continues to be its role.

One of the oldest and most active of associations of this kind, it has approximately 100 members. They are all connected to seaports and ocean commerce in some way and include: terminal operators, stevedores, port authorities, governmental agencies, non-profits, consultants, academics, maritime lawyers, ships’ agents – all located between Virginia and the Canadian Maritimes. Our member ports are in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore, Norfolk and many other points between.

The members are interested in expanding trade among nations and in helping their local communities to prosper through increased ocean commerce.

By joining forces under the umbrella of the North Atlantic Ports Association, the members are better able to fulfil their responsibilities of efficiency, fairness, safety, stewardship, regulatory compliance, ethics and preparedness for the future.