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A Good Start for Galveston Wharves

November 12, 2020

Since joining Green Marine in October 2019, Galveston Wharves – a.k.a. the Port of Galveston – has taken action to meet the environmental certification’s requirements and is eager to relate what it has done so far!

To manage waste, the Port of Galveston has implemented several initiatives. These include establishing on-site recycling programs, purchasing sustainable paper products, and limiting the use of plastic bottles. The port has also coordinated a trash pickup by port employees and partners on its territory to encourage waste reduction.

Galveston Wharves will soon be completing Green Marine’s self-assessment for the port’s 2020 environmental performance for independent verification next spring – a crucial step to obtain the Green Marine certification.

For more about its efforts, click here.

Photo from the Port of Galveston’s Facebook