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A clean air award for Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor

May 6, 2019

The Northwest Indiana Partners for Clean Air (PCA) has selected the Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor to receive the 2019 PCA Industrial Award. The award was given in recognition of the voluntary actions taken by the port in 2018 to improve air quality in Northwest Indiana.
The PCA awards recognize entities (municipal, industrial, business, and bicycle) that go above and beyond their regulatory requirements.
The following actions by the port contributed to it receiving this year’s award:

  • A long-term commitment to environmental stewardship, including membership in the Green Marine program.
  • The management’s commitment to holding an interactive meeting with its tenants three times a year to discuss environmental goals such as air emissions reduction.
  • A close association with South Shore Clean Cities to reduce diesel emissions throughout the port.
  • The port securing a grant to minimize storm-water runoff by planting native trees and dune grasses.

Photo: Ports of Indiana CEO Vanta E. Coda II and Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor Port Director Ian Hirt joined volunteers representing port businesses, the Wildlife Habitat Council and the U.S. Forest Service on May 2 to plant dozens of deciduous and coniferous trees at the port to reduce storm-water runoff, prevent fugitive dust and increase biodiversity.