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9 November 2022

The Searial Cleaners is the newest Green Marine partner

Consulting, engineering and design firm Poralu Marine launched The Searial Cleaners in 2021 to deal with plastic pollution at marinas, as well as raise awareness about this
  • Green Marine News
9 November 2022

Robert Allan Ltd. joins Green Marine as a partner

Robert Allan Ltd. specializes in the design of commercial working marine vessels of all types, with a particular focus on the international tugboat market. It also works on the
  • Green Marine News
8 November 2022

Galveston Wharves aligns with major partners on shore power project

Galveston Wharves is partnering with major stakeholders through a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work together on developing environmentally
  • Industry success stories
7 November 2022

Northwest Seaport Alliance announces decarbonization partnership with Busan Port Authority

The Northwest Seaport Alliance has announced its partnership with the Republic of Korea, the Busan Port Authority, and the United States government to study the feasibility
  • Industry success stories
3 November 2022

Bayonne Dry Dock & Repair Corp. joins Green Marine

Bayonne Dry Dock & Repair Corp., a full-service ship repair yard located in the Port Jersey area of New York/New Jersey harbour, is the newest participant in Green Marine
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1 November 2022

The Port of Vancouver joins Sustainable Shipping Initiative

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has become the first port authority to join the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI), a multi-stakeholder initiative that brings together
  • Industry success stories
31 October 2022

It’s time to secure your booth for GreenTech 2023!

Staying true to its tradition, Green Marine will hold a trade exhibition in tandem with GreenTech 2023. The exhibition is the place of choice to learn about
  • GreenTech
28 October 2022

Carver Companies sign up two more terminals and its shipyard operations with Green Marine

Carver Companies, a leading logistics, heavy construction and civil engineering conglomerate in New York State, is seeking multisectoral certification from Green Marine
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27 October 2022

Two alternative fuel trials conducted by BC Ferries eliminate 13,000 metric tons of GHG

After completing alternative fuel tests on two of its vessels, BC Ferries is moving closer to its 2030 target of reducing the company’s 2008 level of greenhouse gas (GHG)
  • Industry success stories
25 October 2022

The Port of Montreal and Port Saint John each contribute to habitat plantings

Both the Port of Montreal and Port Saint John are actively involved in habitat restoration. The Montreal Port Authority will provide financial support for the restoration of the
  • Industry success stories
23 October 2022

Green Marine Anniversary: 15 years of continual improvement!

That's right, today marks the 15th year of the Green Marine North American environmental certification program! Founded in 2007 by the maritime industry with the goal
  • Green Marine News
20 October 2022

Boydel Wastewater Technologies Inc. joins the Green Marine network as a partner

Boydel Wastewater Technologies Inc. specializes in providing industrial wastewater treatment solutions using its globally patented WaterMiner® electrochemical...
  • Green Marine News

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