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2018 AAPA Environmental Improvement Awards go to Green Marine participants

August 29, 2018

All four of this year’s American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) Environmental Improvements Awards went to Green Marine participants!

The Port Hueneme won an award for being the first Green Marine certified port in California. It received the Comprehensive Environmental Management Award for its certification and its commitment to continually improve its efforts to reduce its footprint through Green Marine’s framework. Watch the video produced by the port to highlight its efforts and results within the program’s framework.

The Port of San Diego, a new Green Marine participant, garnered the other three awards. The port won the Stakeholder Education, Awareness & Involvement Award for the Environmental Education Program (EEP) it created in 1995. Through annual funding, the EEP supports local non-profit organizations that educate students, teachers and the general public throughout the San Diego Bay watershed about pollution prevention, environmental stewardship, healthy ecosystems, and natural resources connected with the bay. The port was also recognized with the Mitigation and the Environment Enhancement awards, respectively for its marine debris removal project and its threatened and endangered species stewardship program.