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$18.5-million federal grant obtained by the Port of Montreal

August 12, 2019

The Port of Montreal announced it is receiving an $18.5-million grant from Transport Canada’s National Fund for Trade Corridors for its project to improve cargo mobility. The $37-million project will increase the port’s capacity, efficiency, and safety by reducing wait times and bottlenecks for container transport, which will also result in reduced greenhouse gas emissions from trucks. By focusing on greater fluidity and efficiency, this project responds to the steady increase in cargo volumes handled at the Port of Montreal annually.

The project has four components:

  • The construction of a railway bridge where trucks exit the port to eliminate traffic conflicts between trains and vehicles.
  • The development in collaboration with the City of Montreal of an intelligent transportation system for port trucking to gain a better understanding of the origins and destinations of trucks outside the port territory.
  • The use of various message boards to inform truckers in real time.
  • The development of solutions with Port of Montreal partners to modulate the influx of trucks at entry points based on the optimized services offered by the terminals.