GreenTech 2020 Poster

Call for science-based poster presentations at GreenTech 2020

Green Marine is actively seeking relevant submissions to convey recent, current and/or proposed scientific research focused on improving the shipping industry’s environmental sustainability to display in poster form at GreenTech 2020’s exhibition.

The information is intended to update key representatives of the maritime transportation industry as well as other relevant stakeholders who will attend Green Marine’s annual conference in Montreal, Qc, this year from June 2 to June 4.

It is a unique opportunity to convey important scientific information to industry and government change leaders. Space is limited to 12 poster presentations.

What constitutes a poster presentation?

The poster presentation is a static display on a standard A1 (24’’ x 36’’) poster board to highlight the key points and/or provide a brief overview of a specific research program or project. It does not require a research representative or staff member to be present at the conference.

How will submissions be evaluated?

Each submission will be evaluated based on its scientific merit and relevance to improving the sustainability of ship and/or port operations or the environment in which these activities take place.

Who is eligible to submit?

The call for proposals is open to individuals and groups within the scientific/academic community (including undergraduate and graduate students), non-governmental organizations, and environmental groups. First preference will be given to proposals submitted by Green Marine supporters, provided they meet all the pre-stated criteria.

Are there any restrictions?

The poster presentation must comply with all the criteria outlined in this call for submissions. A poster presentation does not include an opportunity to speak at the conference. Sales pitches by poster presenters are prohibited.

What is the price?

The price is $75 and covers the cost of printing the poster which will be given to the presenter after the conference to keep.

A poster presenter will also be eligible to attend the GreenTech 2020 conference at a reduced registration fee (using the Student/NGO preferential rate), if they wishes to do so. (The reduced fee applies to one representative among the presenters of each accepted poster presentation.)

What are the submission deadlines?

The deadline for submitting a poster proposal is May 1, 2020. To do so, please complete the online poster proposal form below to include the poster’s title, a brief summary of the proposed content, and the presenter’s biographical information (individual and/or organizational).

Each accepted presenter is responsible for designing the final poster material. The poster material must be forwarded to Green Marine in a print-ready PDF format no later than May 20, 2020, to allow for time in case of any printing delays. (Green Marine will handle all printing logistics.)

Are there any other rules or recommendations?

  • The poster content should be legible from a minimum distance of five feet (1.5 metres).
  • A 16-point or larger font is necessary to convey the poster’s title, individual/group presenter and/or group affiliation. Please avoid fonts that are difficult to read.
  • For maximum effectiveness, organize the information into clearly defined sections (e.g. presenter, affiliation, research abstract, background, methodology, data results, conclusions and references). The poster may also include distinct sections to describe a program or practice, and the evidence or outcomes supporting its use.
  • Every graph, chart and/or table should display results (without including too many variables within a single diagram or illustration).

How do I obtain the answers to other questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact Manon Lanthier, Green Marine’s communications manager, at 1-418-649-6004, ext. 302 or by email at

GreenTech 2020 poster proposal

  • Max. 250 words to evaluate your proposal.
  • Who is proposing this poster (individual or organization)?


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